Moving company Brussels

Moving companies in Brussels, Ghent, Antwerp and the rest of Belgium

Do you want to move to Belgium, but the stress of moving all your belongings is stopping you? Well, then you have come to the right place.

In this article, we will talk about moving companies in Belgium, the companies that will make your moving journey easier. So, keep reading and grab all information about moving company Belgium.

Which are the best moving companies in Belgium?

If you are looking for a leading, reliable, and expat-friendly moving company in Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent or anywhere else in Belgium, you can fill in your details below, and you will receive up to 5 free quotes from moving companies. Whether you are from a neighbouring town or another corner of the world, with these companies, your moving journey will be easy for sure.

How does a moving company in Belgium work?

The working process of a moving company is almost the same in every country. Therefore, you can expect the following services from a moving company Belgium.

  1. Supplying packaging boxes and other materials: Once you contact a moving company and schedule your move with them, the first thing they do is provide packing materials at your home. These materials include packing boxes, storage, bubble wraps, tapes, etc. Hence, you don’t need to get worried about buying supplies, and even packing tapes before getting moved.
  2. Packing: Packing is probably one of the toughest and time-consuming stages of the entire moving journey. It is not something we do every day. But, for a moving company, it is easy as they do it every day. They apply great packing strategies, and efficiently pack your belongings within a few days. You don’t have to look back at things packed by the experts.
  3. Loading and unloading: After packing all your belongings, it’s time to load them on trucks and reach your destination. Again, it’s a lot for a normal person, but for a moving company Brussels can easily load and unload your belongings like magic. So, before you reach your new home in Belgium, your things will get unloaded.
  4. Moving: Whether you are moving to Belgium from a neighboring town or a different country, transporting your belongings with full security and safety is the responsibility of the expat moving company.
  5. Unpacking: Once your stuff arrives at your new home, it’s time to unpack them. Like packing, unpacking is another time-consuming and hard chore. But, as professionals, they know how to unpack boxes with care and efficiency.
  6. Arranging: There’s no use of things messing around. Keeping this detail in mind, a Global moving company arranges everything after unpacking. They usually arrange big furniture, electronic goods, and other stuff.

A checklist for one month before you move:

  • Finalize a moving company and schedule everything
  • Opt for address change
  • Start packing
  • Sell or donate unwanted things

A checklist for one week before you move:

  • Start cleaning empty rooms
  • Pack your dresses and other personal stuff
  • Make sure to visit your new home
  • Visit your bank and get some cash

Moving day checklist:

  • Check the entire home for the final time
  • Lock all doors and hand over the keys to the landlord
  • Say bye to neighbors
  • Make sure to check all documentation


Now, when you have collected almost all much-needed information about moving companies in Belgium, hopefully, your upcoming moving journey is going to be a hassle-free one. So, get relaxed, plan everything, contact a good moving company, and move to Belgium happily.