Housing in Belgium

Finding housing in Belgium can be relatively complicated at times. Especially in places like Brussels, where most expats live, it can be a hassle since you may encounter languages (Dutch, French or English). It is therefore important that you don’t wait too long with searching for a house or apartment. Leases in Belgium are normally long and favour the tenant. However, you should consider that the tenant is responsible for most repairs and improvements required during their stay. It is normal to pay around 1000 to 1500 for a 2-bedroom apartment in Brussels. Keep in mind that utilities are the responsibility of the tenant and that they are usually paid separately. The rent normally includes water and sewage, but that is often everything that is included. Moreover, the deposit is normally 3 months’ rent. This is normal for Belgium standards so keep this in mind before engaging in a contract. It would be smart to insist on a bank transfer to ensure there is a record of the deposit, in case any problems may come up.

Housing in Belgium So how do you find a home? It is relatively easy to find a home in Belgium. There is no shortage of homes and apartment and there are helpful websites that can assist you with your search. It is of course also possible to hire a real estate agent. This will help you with a smooth relocation and will ensure that you don’t have any trouble with the endless red tape. Normally, the estate agents are paid by the landlord. If you hire a search agent however, you should expect to pay one month’s rent as a fee.

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Since there are a lot of expats in Belgium, there are a lot of short-term postings. It is therefore important to look regularly at websites like: www.immoweb.be if you are looking for a apartment at short notice. Belgium has a lot to offer to expats and newcomers. You won’t regret relocating to this beautiful country.